Games for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

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It is common for couples to have a wedding anniversary party when celebrating 25 years together. This celebration is typically planned by the couple's children and includes a meal, entertainment and games. When planning games for this type of party, it is important to include a couple of games but not too many. The games played should be entertaining and easy to understand.


Gift Quiz

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One easy and common game that is often played at 25th wedding anniversaries is a gift quiz. Papers that are numbered from one to 25 are passed out to guests. On the bottom or top of the paper, all anniversary gifts from years one to 25 are listed. The guests must match the appropriate wedding anniversary year to the appropriate gift. For example, the appropriate gift for a couple celebrating their 25th anniversary is something that is silver. The guests are given a specific amount of time to complete the quiz. When the time is up, someone reads the answers. The couple with the most correct answers wins a prize.

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Couple Trivia

Another amusing game that is often played is a quiz about the couple. This game, which is usually created by the couple's children, may take some advanced preparation. This quiz contains questions directly about the couple celebrating their anniversary. It asks questions about when the couple first met, their first date, members of their wedding party and where they honeymooned. Guests are given a time limit to complete it. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.


Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is usually thought of as a children's game, but it can also be a great adult game. This game helps guests feel comfortable and loosen up a bit at the party. Chairs are lined up, with one less chair than the number of guests playing the game. Someone starts and stops music. When the music stops, guests scramble for a chair. The one person who did not get a seat is out. One chair is then removed, and the game continues until only one player remains.


Wedding Photo Match

This is a common anniversary party game that requires advance notice to guests. Ask each couple to bring a copy of their wedding photo to the party. The photos are displayed, and couples must try to match guests with their wedding photos. This is a great game that causes guests to mingle with each other.



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