Warlock Costume Ideas

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Warlock costumes create a creepy, recognizable Halloween look.

Warlocks, also called wizards, male witches or sorcerers, are often associated with magical spells and therefore fit well into the theme of Halloween. Warlocks appear throughout popular culture, making them easy to recognize thanks to depictions in books and movies like the Harry Potter series and the "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," computer games like "World of Warcraft" and other entertainment.



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The term "warlock" may be applied to a wizard or sorcerer, but often the word seems to be imbued with dark overtones. A warlock may be the type of spell caster to dabble in dark magic, for instance. Costume color is important when creating a warlock costume. Black, a color often associated with evil and night time, is an appropriate choice to create a look of darkness and mystery. Bold red is also a good color choice for warlock costumes, as this shade helps to create a demonic or devilish look of evil.

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Warcraft Warlocks

The incredibly popular computer game "World of Warcraft," which is played by millions of online gamers, includes warlocks as one of the playable classes. Wear a pantsuit to get the look of a Warcraft warlock. Add boots, a hat and a belt to complete the ensemble, as these are armor items offered in-game. To add the "wow" factor to a Warcraft warlock costume, carry a hand-sized rock painted green to symbolize the health stones that warlocks conjure in the game.


Movie Warlocks

The worlds of Harry Potter and "Lord of the Rings," both immortalized on the big screen and based on popular books, are populated with spell casters. Any of the movies associated with these stories may be used for inspiration in warlock costume ideas. To get either look, create a full, floor-length robe with wide sleeves. A hood may be added to add a look of mystery. Add accessories to the robe to complete the look.


Warlock Accessories

Use a short tree branch or stick to create a wand. Attach a crystal or another small trinket to the wand to make the device look more complete. To create a warlock's staff, find a stick that is taller than the person wearing the costume. A pointed cap may also be added to the warlock costume.



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