Cool Art Projects with Magazines

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Use old magazines to create new, colorful art projects.
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Using magazines recycles paper, reduces waste and saves money on craft supplies. You can use them to create art projects if you need to occupy kids in a classroom or daycare center. You can also make crafts from old magazines if you wish to fill your home with recycled and eco-friendly home decor. Recycle your favorite magazine images by incorporating them into colorful, versatile and timeless works.



Make a colorful collage on a piece of board. Cut pictures out of old magazines that you identify with. Use pictures that inspire you, like photos of nature, fashion, architecture or animals. Use sequins, ribbons or other accessories to fill up the space between the pictures. Arrange the magazine cutouts and accessories on the board paper and use markers or paint to fill in the space between them. Seal the entire project with a decoupage glue.


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Pop Poetry

Go through magazines and cut out words that you find interesting. Create a poetic collage by mixing and matching cutout words to form poetic sentences. Find corresponding pictures that go along with your poem or story. Stick the words and pictures on a piece of colorful scrapbooking paper or on a canvas to create a wall hanging.


Magazine Mosaic

Cut up magazine photos into small pieces. Separate them into color piles such as reds, blues and greens. On a separate piece of paper, draw a simple design, for example, outlines of shapes. Use the pieces of magazine photos like bits of stone and glass. Piece them together using appropriate colors to create your image. Use glue sticks to secure them on the paper. Remember that for the first few seconds, the piece is still movable with your fingers, even if it's glued. You can nudge them into place, cut them to match a specific shape and mix-and-match colors.


Craft Dowel Decorations

Cut out colorful magazine pages from old magazines. Lay the colorful side of the first page on the surface of the table. Wrap the page around small bamboo dowels and seal the ends with glue. Cover dowels in different colors. Cut them to size and with glue, stick them onto plain wooden jewelry boxes, cardboard gift boxes, coasters, tissue boxes or even to a table top beneath a layer of glass.



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