Crafts to Make for Baptism Projects in Sunday School

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Craft projects can help children learn the story of Jesus' baptism.

Baptism is an important event in the life of a young Christian. Making craft projects in Sunday school can help children learn the story of Jesus' baptism and the importance of baptism in their faith. In addition, children can create baptism craft projects to serve as souvenirs of their own baptism.


Dove Decorations

To make dove decorations you will need paper, crayons, scissors, feathers, glue and one clothespin for each child. In advance, make a copy of a dove template on each piece of paper. When you are ready to complete the craft project, allow each child to cut out their dove template. Then, allow the children to decorate the dove with the crayons and feathers. Finally, help each child glue a clothespin to the back of her decorated dove. After the doves are dry, they are ready to be hung as decorations.


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"John Baptizes Jesus" Craft

For this project you will need large plastic cups, Popsicle sticks, paper, markers, scissors and glue. First, ask children to draw a small dove that is about one-inch by one-inch. Then, help the children cut out the dove and glue it to the Popsicle stick. After that, allow the children to draw a picture of John the Baptist and Jesus. Next, you will need to cut a slit in the bottom of the cup large enough for the dove to slide through. Finally, the children will glue John the Baptist and Jesus on the side of the upside-down cup. Slide the dove through the slit in the cup to represent the Biblical scene when the Holy Spirit appears during Jesus' baptism.


Paper Bag Dove Puppet

To make a paper bag dove puppet you will need a white paper lunch bag, construction paper, crayons, scissors, glue and a template (optional). First, the children need to create a beak, wings, feet, tail and eyes for their puppet. You can print a template of these parts out or instruct the children to draw their own on construction paper. Next, cut out the beak, wings, feet, tail and eyes. After the parts are cut out, assemble the puppet. First, turn the bag over so that the side with the flap is facing you. The rectangular flap area will be the dove's face. Glue the eyes onto the face. When the bag is flat, there is a folded area on each side. Glue one wing into this fold and repeat on the other side. After that, glue the feet to the back side of the bag opening. Finally, turn the bag over and attach the tail.


Jesus' Baptism Model

For this project you will need sandwich-size zipper bags, corks and markers. First, decorate the cork so that it looks like Jesus. Then, fill the sandwich bag with water. Finally, place the decorated cork in the bag. This project serves as a model and reminder of Jesus' baptism.



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