Dimensions of Corner Bathtubs

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Some corner bathtubs seat two to three people.
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A corner bathtub gives a bathroom more floor space. The dimensions of a corner bathtub are generally larger than standard bathtubs. The corner bathtub's length and the width are often the same measurement, ranging between 4 and 6 feet long and wide. A corner tub's platform surface is also useful for placing accessories, such as flowers and soaps.



The dimensions of a corner bathtub is the tub's height, width and length. The width and length are often the same or close to the same. Smaller corner bathtubs are 48 inches wide by 48 inches long by 19 or 20 inches tall. Corner bathtubs with these dimensions occupy one or two people. Larger corner bathtubs have width and length dimensions of up to 72 inches, while their height dimensions are 19 or 20 inches. These corner bathtubs seat 2 to 4 people.


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Available Space

When installing a corner bathtub, consider the space available in your bathroom. Corner bathtubs allow for more space in bathrooms than do standard tubs, according to Home Depot. Also, corner bathtubs create more options for plumbing since most models have two drains, one on both ends of the tub. However, the smallest corner bathtubs are 48 inches wide and long, so a bathroom must have enough square footage to accommodate tubs of at least 48 inches.



While bathtubs with larger dimensions are more expensive than the smaller models, corner bathtub prices can skyrocket depending on the tub's material. As of 2011, the least expensive corner bathtubs are made from fiberglass, acrylic and gel coat. The most expensive corner bathtubs are made from marble, stainless steel and cast iron. Many corner bathtub models are platform tubs. A platform tub's sides are surrounded by an elevated platform. Sometimes the corner bathtub's lip rests on top of the platform, while other models have their lips flush with their platforms' surfaces.



The amount of gallons a corner bathtub holds depends on the tub's shape, height, width and length. A corner bathtub 5 feet by 5 feet holds approximately 75 to 90 gallons. A 4-by-4-foot corner bathtub contains 60 to 70 gallons. A larger corner bathtub may have the capacity for 80 gallons. The dimensions on this corner bathtub would be 5 feet by 5 feet by 21 inches.



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