4th of July Window Display Ideas

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Reflect patriotism in your Fourth of July display.
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Festive Fourth of July proves a popular time for decorating as a means of showing American spirit. If you have a large window in your home or business in which you would like to make your love for the red, white and blue known, setting up a window display is an effective means of doing so. Depending upon your particular aesthetic, there are a number of decorating schemes you can employ to transform your bland window into a patriotic delight.


Painted Fireworks

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For an easy-to-implement, one-dimensional display, add painted fireworks to your window. Using window paint, create a fireworks-display-inspired mural. Paint a green horizon and grassy area with your window paint, then fill the open area that rests above it with starburst shapes in an assortment of sizes. To make this display even more personal, draw stick figures to represent your family standing on the grassy lawn and looking at this fire-filled display of patriotism.

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American As ... Window Display

Give a nod to all-things-American with an "American As…" display. To craft this display, gather items that are characteristically American, such as a faux apple pie, a baseball bat and an American flag. Cover your window well area with red or blue fabric and arrange these items in a display, adding mannequins if you are decorating a storefront to create an American scene that reminds viewers why they love their country.


Classic Americana Photo Display

Use classic pictures to create an engaging display of American life. Search through books containing old photos of simpler times, or collections of classic family photos, and select photos that show American citizens their lives. Create copies of these images to display to ensure that the originals aren't damaged by the sun that hits them as they fill the window. Matte each photo on black paper, and attach them to your window, creating a tiled display of pictures that completely fills the window or just placing the occasional picture here or there to fill your display.


Presidential Facts Display

Make your Fourth of July display an educational one by displaying presidential facts. Gather facts about the past presidents, as well as pictures of each. Attach the pictures in the order in which each man served as president, creating a time line of sorts across your window space, or a multiline display if your window isn't expansive enough to accommodate a single row. Next to each picture, include a piece of paper with one or more facts about the individual you are showcasing.



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