How to Keep Shirts From Having a Bacon Neck

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You want to look great in everything that you wear, but you're going to appear sloppy and unkempt if your shirts have "bacon neck." This is a term used to describe shirts that have a wavy neck due to being stretched out from improper care. It's important to take good care of your clothing so that it lasts longer. You'll be able to keep a shirt much longer if you treat it well, thus simultaneously saving you money and helping you to look your best.


Dry Shirt Completely

Dry your shirts completely before putting them on. Avoid putting on a slightly damp shirt when pressed for time, as this will help cause bacon neck. If a shirt gets wet while you're wearing it, keep it on until it dries, as taking it off will change the shape, which you should not do when a shirt is wet.


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Hang Shirts Properly

Insert a coat hanger though the bottom of a shirt, instead of jamming it in through the neckline. The coat hanger won't easily fit through the neckline, so you will stretch it as it goes in, thus causing bacon neck.


Fold Shirts

Fold your shirts when possible. Hanging a shirt on a coat hanger won't cause bacon neck immediately, but over time, it will gradually do so.

Lay Flat to Dry

Lay shirts flat to dry that you don't want to put in the clothes dryer. Drying it in this manner will help the shirt to keep its shape and will keep the collar straight instead of causing bacon neck.



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