Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights Without Drilling Holes in Concrete Stucco

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Preserve your home's aesthetic appearance by hanging outdoor Christmas lights without drilling.

If they haven't already, homeowners may feel the added stress of the Christmas season as soon they must drill holes into their home's concrete stucco walls just to hang up outdoor holiday lights. Thankfully, most hardware stores offer safe and fast alternatives, none of which require inflicting damage onto your home. When hanging outdoor Christmas lights from a ladder, always make certain someone is nearby and aware of your actions for safety reasons.


Shingle or Siding Tabs

Some stucco-covered homes still feature portions of the outdoor walls equipped with wooden shingles or vinyl siding. Many hardware stores sell plastic hangers, which simply slide in between the shingles or siding slots. The hangers feature large hooks attached at the end that homeowners can use for hanging Christmas lights.


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Gutter Hooks

Gutter hooks allow homeowners to attach Christmas lights securely from all types of drain systems. Typically made out of plastic, the hooks simply slide and latch into place on the gutter. While most attach to the gutters via a plastic clip, some hook onto the gutters using an adhesive strip. Residents then hang the Christmas lights from the protruding hook.


Magnetic Hooks

A set of industrial magnetic hooks also allows homeowners to avoid drilling into stucco walls. With most gutters made from such materials as aluminum, copper and steel, the hook's magnetic portion will easily attach to your home's overhead gutters. Although most hardware stores carry such items, residents can construct homemade magnetic hooks by purchasing the materials the hooks would be made from individually to save money, as well as a container of industrial strength glue to attach the two items.


Suction Cup Hooks

Homeowners can also hang Christmas lights around the outside portion of the home's windows. Instead of drilling directly into the outdoor wall, attach suction cups equipped with hooks to the four corners of each window. For added strength and security, mount additional suction cup hooks along the edges of the window before stringing the Christmas lights through the hooks.


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