Office Farewell Party Ideas

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A party to honor a departing colleague can bring everyone else closer together.

Saying goodbye to a co-worker is a bittersweet experience. However, by planning the perfect office farewell party you can send your colleague off in style while at the same time letting her know how much you care. With a little creativity and just the right amount of thoughtfulness, your co-worker will leave the office with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.



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Choosing a theme is the most important part of any celebration. For a farewell party, incorporate a theme that encompasses the person's interests or their future endeavors. For example, if the employee is moving to a different state, plan a party that incorporates that state's culture as a defining theme. Likewise, if the person is switching careers, creating a theme based on her new occupation will not only be appreciated, but can be encouraging as well.

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In an office environment, games must be kept professional, but that doesn't mean they can't be enjoyable. One game is to have each of the partygoers write down two facts about the guest of honor, and one lie. It is up to the other employees to guess which statement is untrue. Another idea is to conduct a trivia game where colleagues answer questions about the departing employee. Not only will this give everyone time to reminisce, but they might actually learn something new about the person leaving the organization. Whatever the game, keep it light and entertaining while at the same time celebrating the guest of honor and her time spent at the company.


Collage of Memories

Let the departing employee know you care with a carefully crafted collage that incorporates all the memories and enjoyable times you've shared. Create a photo collage with pictures of the honoree at work, social or charity events. A video collage is another way to present timeless memories, and it's something the employee can take with her as a memento of the workplace and her co-workers. For a more tongue-in-cheek approach, create a slideshow presentation and treat it like an office meeting, complete with notes and a question/answer session.


Farewell Presentation

Even the best party must eventually come to an end. During the final moments of an office farewell party, allow everyone to share memories about their colleague and let her know how much she will be missed. This adds an intimate touch to the party and allows co-workers to share their own personal stories about the honoree. If a gift is involved, present it during the final moments with everyone in attendance. It's the small but thoughtful gestures that will let the employee know how important she was to the company and the people who work there.



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