Ideas to Dress Up Like a Rock Star

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Black is often a signature color for many rock stars.
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Rock and roll music has gone through many different stages and phases. That means that if you have a rock star day at school or another venue, there are many rock star dress-up ideas. Choose the one that best fits your personality and your taste in music.


Dressing as Rock Star Celebrities

Certain rock and roll bands have very distinctive looks. If you choose to dress like them, your costume will be easily identifiable. One of the most identifiable musical acts is the band Kiss. They're known for their black and white face paint along with tight black leather clothing. Even if you miss the mark on the clothing, the face paint will give it away.


Video of the Day

Elvis Presley is another go-to recognizable rock star. His bell-bottom pants and distinctive hairstyle and even his sunglasses and cape make him instantly known. Master his accent and you're good to go. Check out his official website for photos for inspiration.

A more modern idea is dressing as Sia, which is an easy costume to pull off. You just need a blonde wig that goes over your eyes, a black dress, leggings and black shoes. Check out her website for more ideas.


Rock and Roll Dress-up Ideas by Decade

Music genres tend to change with the fashion trends, which is one way to evoke both a sound and a time. For a costume representing the rock and roll of the 1950s, women could wear a poodle skirt and saddle shoes, a scarf on a ponytail or neck and a button-down shirt.


The decade of the 1960s was the era of the folk rock and hippie movement. You can easily summon the image of a hippie in your mind: loose, dirty jeans; long hair with a headband; a tie-dye shirt; and bright sunglasses. Hippies espouse the principles of peace, love and rock and roll.

During the 1970s, disco music reigned supreme, so put on your gold lamé and bell-bottoms along with platform shoes.


Additional Decade Costume Ideas

The 1980s saw the rise of hair bands. Tease out your hair (or get a wig), add a headband and some grungy clothes and definitely carry a guitar. You could also go for the Madonna look with fingerless gloves, an off-the-shoulder top, short skirt, and crucifix jewelry. To complete the look, add bright eyeshadow and lipstick.


If you want to go with the 1990s, there are a lot of different trends to imitate. One was grunge, with unkempt hair, baggy jeans and oversized plaid shirts. Another was the Spice Girls' unique look, with distinctive costuming to go with each member. While not technically rock and roll, rap music also became huge in the 1990s. You could pick up on a specific rapper's unique style (such as Flavor Flav's clocks) for a noteworthy costume.


The early 2000s saw a lot of eclectic music styles in the rock and roll genre. Boy bands, like The Backstreet Boys, were huge, and Britney Spears saw incredible fame. Both had distinctive costuming that you could borrow for rock star day at school.

Generic Rock Star Costumes

It might be just as much fun to dress like a rock star generically. That way, you can bring your own flair to the costume and also save money by using pieces already in your closet. Some items to consider might include ostentatious sunglasses and a blow-up guitar. You could even convince a group of friends to follow you around as your fans.


However you dress for a rock star theme, make sure you're comfortable in your clothes and that you enjoy what you're wearing. Try to express a little of your personality at the same time.



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