Cute Ways to Wrap Brownies With Cellophane

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Wrap brownies in cute cellophane packages when presentation is important.

Home-baked foods, like brownies, make tasty gifts. A wrapper of cute cellophane packaging creates the final touch for presentation. Finishing off the package of brownies can be done with variety and style. There are several options out there to dress up the cellophane or to vary the way the brownies are wrapped.


Simply Wrapped

Packaging brownies in a simple cellophane wrap can be dressed up by using out of the ordinary cellophane. Colored or patterned cellophanes add a seasonal or festive flair to your sweet treats. The color can match the time of year, such as orange for Halloween, green or red for winter holidays or a bright color for a birthday gift. Theme patterns, like children's birthdays, sports or other designs, can add a specific touch and make cute brownie packages.


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Ribbons and Bows

Cut a large rectangle of cellophane approximately three times the size of the brownies to be wrapped. Pull it up and gather in the center over the top of the brownies. Wrap a ribbon around the cellophane plume to hold it, then curl the ribbon if desired. To make the package more stable and avoid crushing the brownies, use a disposable plate beneath them before wrapping. Another method to this style of wrapping is to use a colored cellophane, then wrap ribbon around the brownie package and a bow at the top just like a wrapped gift.


Cellophane Bags

Cellophane bags come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. Some cellophane bags come with ties or ribbon can be used to seal them once the brownies are inside. Pick a theme that matches your event or the time of year. For a bake sale, party favors or as homemade food gifts these bags make a quick way to dress up your brownies in a cute cellophane package without a lot of effort. Stack or lay the brownies inside the bags and reinforce the bottom by cutting a small square of cardboard and laying wax paper across it before stacking the brownies.



Turning your cellophane wrapped brownies into a food bouquet is another way to present a cute package with a dramatic presentation. To accomplish the brownie bouquet, wrap a brownie or two brownies in colored cellophane. Each can be the same color, or a variety of complementary colors as in a varied bouquet. Arrange the brownies in a container so they represent a bouquet shape or tape a small wooden stick on the back of each package and push into floral foam. Secure the foam into a container, add more cellophane to fill in and dress up the package and tie off with a ribbon.



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