Creative Ideas on How to Make a Bull Costume

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A bull can be inspiration for Halloween costumes ranging from serious to humorous.

Finding a unique costume for Halloween can be a challenging, expensive task. Rather than spending money at Halloween shops and department stores, there are many ways to make your own costume. Putting together a bull costume provides a great choice for a range of celebrators, from young animal lovers to adults aiming for a humorous look. Best of all, there are many creative ideas to help those putting together a bull costume



Creating the base or the body of the costume is one of the most important steps to making a homemade bull costume. For an easy base, wear a hooded sweatshirt and sweat pants, a Onesie pajama outfit, or simple shirt and slacks in the same color. For the most convincing bull costume, stick to colors that are reminiscent of a real bull's hues, such as black or dark gray.


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Ears and Horns

The ears and horns are defining characteristics of the costume and help others know that the costume wearer is dressed up as a bull. Cut ears and horns out of brown and cream colored felt. For costumes with a hood, use a thread and needle or hot glue to adhere the ears and horns to the hood's edge. Sewing or gluing the ears and horns to a dark colored headband or a hat provide another way to add a distinctive part to the bull costume.



Once the major pieces of the costume have been put together, it's time to focus on the details. Covering shoes with black or dark gray felt help transform ordinary footwear into part of the costume. Face paint in a dark shade, along with jet black for the nose, helps the costume wearer look even more like a bull. For a final touch, use golden or yellow face paint to draw a loop under your nose to create a bull's ring without the pain of a real piercing.


Pairs & Couples

While dressing up as a bull is certainly fun on its own, the costume also lends itself very well to being paired with other costumes, making it a great choice for groups of friends or couples. Give the costume some Spanish flair by going trick or treating with a matador costume, and maybe a flamenco dancer. Capture the look of a farm by going out with friends who are dressed up as other barnyard animals or a farmer.


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