Game Prize Gift Bag Ideas for Adults

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Planning gift bags for adults can require creativity and attention to detail and budget. Before determining the prizes, evaluate the event budget and number of attendees. Repackaging sweets or creating the contents of bags at home can stretch a tight budget. Using a door prize or raffle system to distribute high-end gifts can also be a fair way to help stretch gift-bag funds.


Door Prizes

Door prizes can be a creative, fair means of determining the recipients of gift bags. In addition to the traditional raffle system, consider other means of drawing winners that support the purpose of the gathering. Ask trivia questions of attendees, such as the tallest guest and who traveled the farthest to the party. Award gift bags that correspond with the trivia questions, such as a compass or GPS device for winners of questions related to travel.


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Inexpensive gifts made at home do not need to appear amateurish or hastily crafted. Focus on personalizing and enhancing high-quality materials to serve as a memento of the event. Search local antique or secondhand stores for unique china teapots and tea cups. Place dirt and a living plant inside the cups, or covert them into a candle by filling with wax. Hand-crafted, colorful paper boxes can easily house small bags of high-quality, loose leaf tea.



Creatively packaging baked goods and sweets can be a popular gift-bag option. Focus on creative packaging to enhance the visual appearance of the confections. Homemade, wedge-shaped paper boxes can be used to fit slices of cake, pie or cheesecake. Simple paper cones can contain loose candies or even small doughnuts. Enhance a simple box of cookies by customizing them with frosted tops. Obtain a stencil and simply embellish each cookie with a sprinkling of colored, powdered sugar.



Compiling a large number of gift bags on a tight budget for adults can be a challenge. Unlike favors for children's parties, adults cannot be given bags of small, plastic toys or temporary tattoos. Enhance bars of quality chocolate by wrapping them in attractive paper, or custom-printed sleeves. Small bottles of bubbles can also be decorated with acrylic paint or by pasting on paper sleeves. Cover the faces of lollipops with small paper cutouts or photo stickers.



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