One-minute Indoor Kitty Party Games

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Kitty parties are parties for adult women who want to get out and get to know new people. You can host a kitty party for women in your neighborhood, church or office to help people make new friends. In addition to providing good food and time to chat, kitty parties also usually have games that offer party goers a way to get to know each other and to feel more comfortable together. Prepare one or more of these one-minute games to break the ice at your kitty party.


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Prepare a word search with kitty-related words such as cat, kitten, yarn, milk, calico, purring and feline. Pass out pencils and paper and instruct the participants to keep the paper face down until you say "Go." Time them for one minute and give a prize to the participant who finishes the word search first.


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Baby Picture Guess

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Since kitty parties are used to help women get to know one another, showing baby pictures is a great way to break the ice. Collect a baby picture from each person coming to the party and pin the pictures to a bulletin board or a piece of foam core. Glue or pin a number next to each picture. Give each participant a piece of paper numbered with as many pictures as you have. Give them 60 seconds to guess which picture belongs to each person. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize.


Candy Bar Game

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Buy an assortment of candy bars and lay them out on a table where everyone can see them. Make up funny definitions that go with the candy bars. For example, for the Mars bar you could say, "Red Planet," or for the O'Henry bar you could say, "A famous author." When everyone is ready, read one of your definitions. The first person to shout out the appropriate candy bar gets to keep it.


Paper Bag Pick-up

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Have all the ladies sit in a circle and place a brown paper grocery bag in the center of the circle. Have people take turns standing on one leg and trying to pick up the bag with their teeth. If they touch the floor with their hands or fall down, they're out. All the survivors of the first round advance to the second round. To make the second round more difficult, cut about two inches off the top of the bag. Cut more off the bag for each subsequent round. The winner is the person who survives the longest.



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