The Best Fabric for Making Make Pillowcases

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Making pillowcases is an easy craft project.

When it comes to making pillowcases, there are a plethora of different fabrics from which to choose. This can make it difficult for the novice to select one. By first determining which season your pillowcase will serve, you will choose a perfectly suited material. You may want to use finer materials for guests and more mundane ones for yourself.



Flannel is the best material to use for pillowcases you and your guests will sleep on during winter. They are especially warm and have a velvety texture that feels comforting on cold nights. If you're making pillowcases for kids, children's flannel comes in all sorts of festive winter and holiday-themed designs, adding to its appropriateness for the chilly months.


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Jersey Cotton

Jersey cotton is a relatively new material that works well during summer. It is reported to be at the softness level of a worn t-shirt, highly absorbent and easily washable. It is thin, breathes well, and will not get too stuffy when you need a cool place to rest your head. If you perspire a great deal during your sleep in the summer, you can throw the pillowcase in the wash many times before it looks worn.


Egyptian Cotton

Spring and fall are more temperate seasons, perfectly suited to making pillowcases of Egyptian cotton. A luxurious fabric of high thread count, it is neither too warm nor too cold, appropriate to months that include fluctuating temperatures and guests of great importance.


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