How to Remove Melted Saran Wrap from Stainless Steel

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Things You'll Need

  • Hair dryer

  • Wooden scraper

  • Paper towels

  • Nail polish remover

  • Sponge

  • Dishwashing detergent

Thin Saran wrap melts quickly atop a stainless steel stove.

Brief exposure to heat is enough to make thin plastic Saran wrap melt onto your stainless steel stove top or pan. While the plastic wrap keeps food fresh in the freezer or refrigerator, it's no match for heat. Similar to other plastic products, melted Saran wrap forms a liquefied stain on your stainless steel surface that then transforms into a hardened glob. Use care in removing the melted Saran wrap to ensure that the plastic is removed without scratching the stainless steel.


Step 1

Place the stainless steel object over low heat to soften the hardened melted Saran wrap. If the stained object is a stationary object, such as a stove top rather than a pot or pan, you can heat it with a hair dryer. Hold the hair dryer 12 inches above the melted Saran wrap and turn it onto its highest heat setting. Continue to heat the surface until the plastic wrap is pliable, but not completely melted.

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Step 2

A wooden scraper can remove the softened plastic wrap without scratching stainless steel.

Remove the softened plastic wrap by scraping it off of the stainless steel surface with the edge of a wooden scraper. Periodically wipe the edge of the wooden scraper with a paper towel to remove the collected softened Saran wrap. Keep scraping plastic wrap from the stainless steel to remove as much of the substance as possible.


Step 3

Remove the stainless steel object from the heat and allow it to cool enough to touch it.

Step 4

Wet a paper towel with nail polish remover and rub the Saran wrap residue on the stainless steel with the nail polish remover to dissolve it. Move to a clean portion of the paper towel and continue to wipe the surface to remove the remainder of the plastic wrap.


Step 5

Wash your stainless steel surface to remove the nail polish remover. Add one or two drops of dishwashing detergent to a clean, damp sponge and clean the surface before rinsing it with water.

Step 6

Dry the stainless steel with a paper towel.


You can also substitute ammonia-based cleaners or baking soda on a sponge for dishwashing detergent to clean your stainless steel surface.


Avoid using abrasive cleansers or cleaning tools to remove melted Saran wrap from stainless steel. Abrasives cause tiny scratches in the surface that collect dirt and other debris.


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