How to Decorate a Baseball Player Pumpkin

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Make your pumpkin stand out by decorating it like a baseball player.

If you're a baseball fan, show off your team spirit in the fall by decorating a pumpkin to look like a baseball player. Your pumpkin is bound to stand out from the rest of the generic pumpkins on the block with this unique style. Decorate many different pumpkins to be a team of baseball players, or just one solo baseball player. Either way, this is sure to be a decoration that your neighbors will be talking about for months to come.


Step 1

Paint your entire pumpkin with a flesh colored paint.

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Step 2

Use a thin paint brush to two draw circles with white paint for the eyes. Draw an eyeball in each circle with brown, green or blue paint.


Step 3

Draw a nose on the pumpkin with black paint. Use a thin paint brush to do this.

Step 4

Blow up a pink balloon to use as bubble gum, if you are carving the pumpkin. Carve out a space for the mouth, then stick the end of the balloon through the opening. If you aren't carving the pumpkin, skip this step.

Step 5

Put a hat from your favorite baseball team on top of the pumpkin, to finish off the look.

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