How to Insulate a Jalousie Window

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Things You'll Need

  • Polyurethane spray foam insulation

  • Spray foam dispensing gun

  • Plywood

  • Gloves

  • Safety glasses

  • Spray bottle of water

Energy costs are the magicians of home ownership woes: they can make your money disappear without leaving a clue. You may have replaced your light bulbs, unplugged superfluous appliances and been meticulous about turning off lights, yet you are still left with excessive electric bills. One common culprit is your home itself. If you have gaps around windows or doors, expensive heat and air conditioning are seeping out, forcing you to adjust your thermostat and spend more money to compensate. Fill in drafts around jalousie windows using spray polyurethane foam insulation and keep your money in the bank.


Step 1

Walk around the outside of your home and examine the jalousie windows. Look for areas with gaps or holes, especially around the frames. Even if there is a very small opening, it should be filled.

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Step 2

Let the can of spray polyurethane foam insulation sit out in a temperature-controlled room. Be sure that the foam is room temperature before you begin; insulation that is too warm or too cold may be ineffectual and a very hot can may even be dangerous. Shake the can well after the temperature is correct.


Step 3

Remove the top from the container of foam insulation. Place the container into the dispensing gun. The tip should point downward as you click the can securely into the opening.

Step 4

Practice dispensing the foam onto a scrap piece of plywood. Squeeze out small beads of foam until you are confident of your ability to dispense the correct amounts in continual, straight lines. Always work carefully and wear gloves and safety glasses.


Step 5

Mist the first edge of one window lightly with water. Fit the tip of the distributing gun under the edge of the frame at one corner. Fill the gap with ½ inch bead of insulation all the way down.

Step 6

Fill any remaining gaps around your jalousie windows in the same manner as you did the first one. Move inside and look for any interior gaps around the windows that were not filled from the outside in. Fill these from the interior and allow two days for the foam to set completely.


Polyurethane spray foam insulation expands and hardens as it sets to completely fill gaps. It will not shift and shrink like traditional fiberglass insulation.



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