How to Make a Homemade Smelter

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Things You'll Need

  • Sheet metal

  • Gas element

  • Large metal can

  • Cement

  • Firebrick

  • Small pipe

  • Drill

Smelters are used to melt metals.

A smelter is used to melt down different materials such as aluminum, bronze, brass and other types of metals. A smelter is often used when you would like to recycle old metals and to create new items from the melted-down metals for tools or other items of use. A smelter can easily be made from materials right at home.


Step 1

Drill a hole in the large metal can to put the gas nozzle into. When using more than one gas element, you're going to need more than one hole.

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Step 2

Layer the large metal can using the cement. Lay the firebrick down across the cement inside the can to use as a foundation. The firebrick should be below the drilled holes in the bottom and allow enough room for the flame to heat the entire can.

Step 3

Construct the inner lining using sheet metal by forming it into a tube shape. It should be as wide as the inside of the can. Drill new holes 1 inch from the bottom of the sheet metal tube.

Step 4

Place the sheet metal into the can and hold it in place using a piece of pipe through the drilled holes. This will connect all of the pieces together. Fill the gap between the sheet metal and the can with cement and let it dry overnight. The pipe and sheet metal cone can be removed the next day.

Step 5

Cure the cone for several days. Make the holes in the sheet metal larger. The gas element can then be added to the bottom of the can.


Always use caution when using any gas element because it can become hot and dangerous.


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