How to Make the Washington Monument as a Project

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue or Tape

Don't forget the relatively small visitor's center in front of the monument.

Constructed between 1848 and 1884, the Washington Monument celebrates George Washington, the military leader of the American Revolution and the United States' first president. Although the construction of the monument itself was a large effort drawn out by the Civil War, building a model replica is easy because of the monument's simple geometry, plain design and easy-to-scale measurements: the entire monument is roughly 555 feet high and 55 feet wide at its base. The pyramid on top takes up 55 feet of the total height, and because the monument tapers slightly, the base of the pyramid is roughly 35 feet wide.


Step 1

Use the monument's measurements to scale it down. Calculate the ratio of its measurements and recreate that ratio on a piece of white paper. Repeat three more times to draw four equally scaled sides of the monument.

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Step 2

Cut out all four scaled sides of the monument with scissors. Stand them up so they form a three-dimensional replica. Tape or glue the sides together. Fold in the triangles of the pyramid and fuse them together using either tape or glue.

Step 3

Fasten the replica of the Washington Monument to another piece of paper. Use construction paper or aluminum foil to replicate the reflecting pool that runs in front of the monument.


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