How to Make a Spartan Cloak

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Things You'll Need

  • Red sheet

  • Broach

  • Scissors

Sparta was a city state in ancient Greece which came to prominence in the 10th century BC. It was known as a warrior nation with all males well-schooled in military training, becoming one of the most feared tribes of the time. Since the release of the movie "300," Spartan costumes have become popular at fancy dress parties. One of the main elements is the cloak.


Step 1

Find a red sheet. Traditionally, the cloak would have been made of wool, but a red cotton bed sheet will be perfectly fine for a costume. A white sheet could also be dyed red to achieve the same effect.

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Step 2

Cut the sheet to the desired length. The cloaks in the film were full length, but yours can be shorter if desired. If the sheet is cotton, it can simply be altered with scissors as the material will not fray.


Step 3

Secure the cloak on the right shoulder using a gold-colored broach.

Step 4

Team the cloak with an appropriate sword and shield. Leather loin cloths, metal protectors for forearms and shins and a helmet will also be needed.


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