How to Install a Mr. Heater Garage Heater

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Things You'll Need

  • Chain

  • S-hooks

  • Eyebolts

  • Screwdriver

  • Reciprocating saw

The Mr. Heater garage heater is a propane or natural gas heater designed to heat small spaces such as a garage. This prevents the need to install a complete furnace or to connect your home ductwork to the garage. This type of furnace suspends from the ceiling so it remains out of the way and in a safe position. This allows you to utilize the full potential of your garage.


Step 1

Select an area in your garage that meets the minimum height requirement to allow 7 feet between the heater and the floor, that does not block doorways or overhead garage doors and that will allow adequate heat coverage in the largest part of the garage.

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Step 2

Attach two equal lengths of chain to the two uppermost holes in the front hanger. Attach the ends of the chain together with an S-hook and attach a second chain to the S-hook.


Step 3

Slide the rear mobile retaining clip onto the other end of the heater. Secure an S-hook to the clip and secure a chain to that S-hook.

Step 4

Thread eyebolts into the ceiling and space them apart so the chains run perpendicular to the heater. Attach the chains to the eyebolts.


Step 5

Place the gaskets supplied with the heater onto the studs on the front of the burn box. Slide the tube sets supplied with the kit through the heater's bulkhead and attach the bulkhead to the burn box with the supplied hardware.

Step 6

Drill a hole in the wall that faces the burn box large enough to allow the vent terminal or vent hose to pass through. Use a reciprocating saw for this.


Step 7

Slide the vent terminal through the hole. Place a bead of high-heat silicone around the vent terminal to seal the hole.

Step 8

Attach the terminal to the burn box with the supplied coupler and a screwdriver.


Step 9

Plug the heater into a three-pronged, grounded electrical outlet.

Step 10

Thread the ½-inch gas line coupler onto the threaded port on the burn box. Use gas line Teflon tape to seal the threads. Tighten the coupler with a wrench.



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