How to Crochet a Double-Sided Afghan

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Things You'll Need

  • Worsted-weight yarn, 1 skein of light yellow (yarn A) and 1 skein of pink (yarn B)

  • Double-ended crochet hook, size P

  • Size P crochet hook, regular

  • Stitch marker

  • Scissors

  • Large-eye tapestry needle

Use a special hook to crochet a double-sided afghan.

Look at any crocheted afghan and you'll see it has two sides – the front and the back. By using a special crocheting process, you can crochet a double-sided afghan, making both sides the right side. If you have heard of Tunisian crochet, also called afghan crochet or Tunisian knit, or if you have crocheted anything using the Tunisian crochet stitch, you can make a double-sided afghan. This is done using a cro-hook, which has a hook on each end. To complete this process, you need to know how to crochet a half-double crochet, Tunisian crochet, drop and pick up yarn colors and join fabric panels with a crocheted slip stitch.


Step 1

Place the skein of light yellow yarn on your right side and the skein of pink yarn on your left.

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Step 2

Crochet a foundation chain of 38 stitches, using the double-ended crochet hook and the light yellow yarn (A). The two additional chain stitches are the turning chains required to make the first stitch long enough for single crochet (SC) stitches.


Step 3

Insert the cro-hook into the second stitch from the hook for row 1. Yarn over (YO) and pull the yarn through, giving you two loops on the hook. Continue crocheting one SC stitch in every stitch of the foundation chain. You should have 37 loops on the cro-hook.

Step 4

Slide the loops to the opposite end of the cro-hook. Turn the hook, placing all the stitches on your left side.


Step 5

Pick up the end of pink yarn and make a slip knot. Slide the slip knot onto the cro-hook. Slide the slip knot through the first loop of yellow yarn, taking care not to stretch the yellow loop.

Step 6

YO and draw the yarn through the next two loops on the hook. Continue working through two yellow loops on the cro-hook until you get to the end of the row. You should have one loop of pink yarn remaining on the hook. Do not turn your work.


Step 7

Skip the first vertical bar (yellow) and insert the cro-hook under the second vertical bar. (You should still be working with the pink yarn.) YO and pull the yarn through the loop. You are adding loops to the hook on this step. Continue to insert the cro-hook in each vertical loop, complete a YO and pull the yarn through the loop until you get to the end.


Step 8

Drop the pink yarn – do not cut it – and move all the pink stitches to the opposite end of the cro-hook. Count the loops on the hook and make sure you have 37. Turn the hook and don't tangle the yarns as you do so.

Step 9

Pick up the yellow yarn and YO. Pull the yarn through the first loop on the cro-hook. YO one more time and draw the yarn through two loops, which are one pink and one yellow. Work the rest of the loops off the hook in the same way until you have one loop remaining on the hook. Don't turn the work.



Step 10

Crochet this 11-inch panel until it is approximately 60-inches long. Repeat for three additional panels. Bind off each panel by skipping the first vertical bar, then slip stitching into each vertical bar to the end of the row.

Step 11

Stitch each panel together by slip stitching with the regular size P crochet hook. Work only in the back loop of each stitch, from corner to corner.


Step 12

Crochet a SC border, using yarn A (yellow), from any corner of the afghan. Crochet one SC stitch into each stitch on the edges of the afghan. Crochet an additional row of SC using yarn A. Fasten off and cut the yarn, using the scissors, leaving a 4-inch tail. Join with yarn B (pink) and crochet one row of SC. Fasten off and cut the yarn, leaving a 4-inch tail. Beginning in any corner on your left, attach the pink yarn and crochet one row of reverse single crochet (crab stitch). Fasten off and cut the yarn. Weave in all ends neatly, using the tapestry needle.


When you crochet with a cro-hook, all stitches stay on the hook, just as they do with Tunisian crochet.

On a return row, when you are working loops off the cro-hook, do not turn the work. On a forward row, when you are adding loops to the hook, you will be turning the cro-hook.

As you crochet a row in a new color and return, you should have two rows in one color. This will be the pattern for the whole afghan.

If you have to leave your afghan and come back to it, put a stitch marker at the stopping point.

Work in this sequence: First, get the loops on the hook. Second, slide the loops over. Third, turn the cro-hook. Fourth, work the loops off the hook. (Reference)


Don’t pull stitches too tightly or you will have a hard time inserting the cro-hook. Crochet your stitches loosely.


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