How to Make a Feather Bustle

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Things You'll Need

  • Waist apron

  • Scissors

  • Marabou feathers

  • Hot glue

  • Glue gun

Marabou feathers are best to create the fluffy look of a feather bustle.

Feather bustles are reminiscent of showgirls and burlesque dancers and can be used to jazz up a variety of costumes by adding a flirty and fluffy touch to your backside. A short apron worn backwards makes for a quick and simple base for your bustle. Aprons can be purchased from craft stores and trimmed up, or made by hand from fabric if you're a fast sewer. Layering feathers from the bottom upward will help to create a full and fluffy bustle.


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Step 1

Using the scissors, trim the apron base into the desired bustle shape. Depending on the apron you've chosen to work with, shortening the length, rounding the sides and creating a tapered look may all be necessary.

Step 2

Using the glue gun, apply hot glue along the bottom of the apron. Apply feathers to the hot glue, one next to the other. Feathers should lay convexly on top of the apron and the stem ends should point towards the top of the apron.


Step 3

Using the glue gun, apply another strip of hot glue above the feather stem ends. Repeat feather applying process.

Step 4

Repeat the gluing and feathering process until the entire bustle is stacked with feathers. Let dry completely. Tie around the waist to wear.


Don't be afraid to pack on the feathers, the more you use, the more fluffy and bouncy the bustle will be.