Homemade Glue to Make a Zombie-like Face

Things You'll Need

  • Two to three cups of flour

  • Two to three cups of warm water

  • Stainless steel bowl

  • Stainless steel spoon

  • Rubber spatula

  • Toilet paper or tissues

  • Black food coloring

  • Green food coloring (optional)

  • Measuring cups

Lately, zombies are found everywhere, from the big screen to downloadable game apps, so it should come as no surprise that dressing up as a zombie is popular. Making your own costumes at home is a fun, and usually inexpensive, part of dressing up. One way to make a zombie look creepy and realistic is to make your own glue from scratch. Most of the materials are very easy to come by. If you don't have them already, the materials can be found at any supermarket.

Making the glue

Step 1

Tear up several pieces of toilet paper. This will be used to add texture to the glue.

Step 2

Wet your thumb and first two fingers and rub one small piece of toilet paper between them so that it balls up. It doesn't have to be uniform. In fact, the more varied sizes and shapes, the more 'zombie-ish' it will look. Set the rolled up pieces aside for now.

Step 3

Measure a cup of flour into the bowl. Add the same amount of water slowly, stirring until it is a thick paste. You can always add more flour or water if you need to. This will be just like a thicker version of homemade paper-mache glue.

Step 4

Slowly add a drop of black food coloring, stirring completely. Continue adding black food coloring until it is the color of grey you want. Depending on the look you're trying for, you might want to add a few drops of green food coloring so that the paste is a greenish-grey.

Step 5

Test a bit of the glue on your skin to see how it dries. It should end up flaky or scaly. If it dries correctly and to the consistency that you're looking for, then go to the next step. This step is highly customizable, depending on how much of your body you're doing, how thick you want the glue, etc. You can always add more flour, glue and food coloring if you need to do so.

Step 6

Add some of the tissue paper, then stir. Add some more, and stir until the glue is lumpy.


Be sure the bowl and spoon are stainless steel, so that cleanup will be easy. The food coloring and sometimes hardened flour can ruin plastic bowls.

Either use a spatula that you're not too fond of, or buy an inexpensive one at a value store, because the rubber will stain.


Be sure to test the temperature of the glue before applying it to skin.

Be sure to use the flour paste the same day, possibly within approximately two hours. The color and consistency will change if it is made too early and stored.