How to Punch Holes in Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Fabric chalk

  • Rotary leather punch

Rotary punches make holes in fabric for several types of projects.

Hole punches work perfectly for paper, but fabric does not punch crisply the way that paper does. Attempting to use a traditional hole punch through fabric will result in stretched fabric. If you are working on a sewing project that requires holes to be punched through the fabric, you can do so with a rotary leather punch. Rotary punches have interchangeable punch sizes to punch holes in the sizes you need.


Step 1

Mark the spots where you want to punch holes in your fabric with fabric chalk.

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Step 2

Rotate the wheel on a rotary leather punch until the punch size that you want is lined up with the other side of the punch.

Step 3

Position the punch over the mark on the fabric with the flat end of the punch under the fabric. Squeeze the handle to press the punch through the fabric, creating a hole.


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