How to Make the Tin Man's Hat

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Things You'll Need

  • Empty cereal box

  • Scissors

  • Hot-glue gun with hot glue sticks

  • Aluminum foil

  • Silver spray paint

The film version of the Wizard of Oz celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2009.

The story of the Tin Man, also referred to as the Tin Woodman, began in 1901 in Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." In 1939, the book became a hit motion picture, bringing the Tin Man to life. Celebrate this classic story by dressing as the metal man complete with his signature oil funnel hat.


Step 1

Draw an 8-inch circle on one of the flat sides of an empty cereal box. Cut out the circle and cut through the radius to the center of the circle.

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Step 2

Overlap the straight edges of the circle to form a cone shape. Squeeze hot glue in between the overlapped edges and press the cardboard together, until the glue cools. Trim the bottom edge of the cone shape, so the cone sits evenly on a flat surface.

Step 3

Cut a 3-by-1-inch strip from the cardboard box. Roll the strip starting at one of the short edges into a 1/2-inch-wide tube shape. Apply hot glue to the end of the strip and press it down to secure the tube.

Step 4

Place the 1-inch-long rolled cardboard on the tip of the cone shape. Squirt hot glue around the seam to hold it in position.


Step 5

Tear a 9-by-12-inch sheet of aluminum foil. Position the cone with the tip-side pointing up. Place the foil over the rolled tube at the top of the cone and press the foil against the tube. Rub the foil down along the cone, to cover the cardboard in a smooth manner.

Step 6

Turn the cone over. Apply a ring of hot glue along the inside edge of the cone. Bend the foil over the edge of the cone and press it against the hot glue to secure it in place.


You can spray the cone hat with silver spray paint instead of wrapping it with aluminum foil.


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