How to Sew With Wooly Nylon

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Thick wooly nylon is typically wrapped on a large cone-shaped spool.

Wooly nylon is thick sewing machine thread that completely covers the spaces between horizontal stitches, producing a decorative edge with a single seam. Zigzag stitching with wooly nylon creates the effect of midi-braid. It can make a simple overcast stitch look like a rolled hem. A hem seam sewn with wooly nylon is all the trim you need for decorative table linens, and wooly nylon matched to the fabric creates a subtle tone-on-tone effect reminiscent of couture linens. You cannot thread a sewing machine needle with wooly nylon, so it is used in either the bobbin or the loopers.

Using a Standard Sewing Machine

Step 1

Fill a bobbin with wooly nylon and insert it into the machine.

Step 2

Thread the top of the machine with clear sewing thread.

Step 3

Sew with the fabric wrong side up, using a zigzag stitch and a short stitch length. Use the stitch width appropriate for your project. The decorative seam will be on the bottom side of the fabric as you sew.

Using a Serger

Step 1

Thread one of the needles with thread that matches your fabric. Use the inside needle for a narrow edging and the outside needle for a wide edging.

Step 2

Thread the loopers with wooly nylon.

Step 3

Sew along the desired edge of the project to create a covered edge.


Sew a test seam first, and adjust the stitch length, width and thread tension to achieve the desired effect.

If your serger makes flatlock seams, you can use wooly nylon for decorative flatlock stitching.