How to Repair Memory Foam

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Pets can create tears in uncovered memory foam.

Developed decades ago by NASA to cushion astronauts as they took off and landed in spacecraft, memory foam products have made their way into people's homes as mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows and cushions. Although the foam is durable, from time to time it can rip or tear. Fortunately, special glues are available to repair the rips so that you can extend the life of the object. Not all glues work with memory foam, so you may have to order the glue from a manufacturer or shop for it at local furniture stores or upholstery shops. Glues that are incompatible with polyurethane, the primary ingredient in memory foam, cannot be used.


Step 1

Examine the tear. If it is shallow, spray the glue close to the surface, pinch the edges of the tear together and hold them for two minutes to set the bond or according to the instructions on the glue you use. If the tear is deep, pull apart both sides of the rip and spray into the tear, coating both sides, pointing the nozzle close to the surfaces of the tear. Let the surfaces come back together. You can also use small pieces of tape to assure that the sides of the foam bond together after you have sprayed both sides.


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Step 2

Let the glue dry for eight hours before putting the bedding or furniture coverings back on, or consult the instructions on the can of glue for the amount of time the manufacturer recommends.

Step 3

Test the integrity of the bond by gently pushing down on the surface of the mattress at the edges of the tear with your fingers. If the tear shows signs of separating, repeat the gluing process.


Remove any coverings from the mattress or furniture cushion to avoid getting any glue on them.


If you are gluing a large tear, make sure that the area where you fix the tear is well ventilated.



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