How Do I Repair a 1500 Delta Series Faucet?

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 rags

  • Allen wrench

  • Pliers

  • Channel lock pliers

  • Delta Monitor faucet repair kit

A broken faucet can lead to a very large water bill.

The Delta Monitor line of bathtub faucets includes the 1500 series. Repairing your Delta Monitor faucet yourself should only take an hour or two and save you hundreds of dollars by not calling in a plumber to do the same job.


Step 1

Shut the water off. Find the main waterline in your house, and turn the valve counterclockwise. Test to make sure the water is off by turning on the faucet.

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Step 2

Set a rag or drain stopper on top of the drain to prevent losing small parts.


Step 3

Set another rag on the floor or other flat surface. As you disassemble the faucet, set the parts on top of the rag in order. This will help make reassembly easier.

Step 4

Remove the set screw at the base of the faucet handle with an Allen wrench. Place the set screw on the rag, and pull the handle until it comes off. If the handle won't come off by hand, wrap a rag around it and use the pliers to gently twist it until it comes off.


Step 5

Remove the chrome sleeve by pulling it straight out with your hand. If it doesn't come out, twist it back and forth gently while pulling. If it still doesn't come out, wrap a rag around it and use the pliers to remove it. Set the chrome sleeve aside on the rag.

Step 6

Remove the packing nut in the center of the faucet assembly using a pair of channel lock pliers. Set the nut on the rag.


Step 7

Pull the entire stem cartridge out by gently twisting it and pulling it toward you.

Step 8

Inspect the stem cartridge for damage. For the 1500 series, you should see several o-rings, which are common causes of leaks when damaged. Look for tears and abrasions to the o-rings. Replace any worn o-rings with new ones from the Delta Monitor faucet repair kit. If the entire stem cartridge appears damaged, you may need to purchase a replacement cartridge.


Step 9

Reassemble the faucet. Refer to the order of parts on the rag and apply the steps in reverse. Turn the water back on at the main water source.


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