How to Make Candle Drip Papers

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Candlelight adds a special poignancy to ceremonies, especially when the flame is passed from person to person, but the pain of hot wax drips distracts from the mood. At a candlelight dinner, drips can make a mess of candlestick holders and the table. While commercially made drip catchers, or bobeches, solve the problem, you can make your own bobeches easily and inexpensively. Decorate, or leave plain, to suit your tastes and the occasion.



Never leave a burning candle unattended, especially with paper drip catchers. Hot wax can easily start a fire, so extinguish the the candles when you aren't in the room with them.

Keeping It Simple

For that last-minute event, improvise a drip catcher that will look like you planned for weeks.

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper doilies

  • Taper candles

  • Rubber bands

  • Ribbon (optional)

Step 1

Place the bottom end of a taper candle in the center of a doily.


Step 2

Gather the doily around the candle.

Step 3

Wrap a rubber band around the candle -- about 2 inches from the end -- to prevent the doily from slipping down the candle.

Step 4

Cover the rubber band with ribbon tied in a simple bow. For more casual events, you can leave the ribbon off.


Easy-Peasy Papers

Make an unadorned version of a bobeche.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardstock

  • Margarine or other food container lid with a diameter of 3 or more inches.

  • Pencil

  • Scissors or a 3-inch or slightly larger paper punch or circle die-cutter.

  • Ruler

  • Craft knife

Step 1

If you are using a paper punch or die-cutter, cut circles from the cardstock. If you are using scissors, set the lid on the cardstock, trace around it and then cut out your circle.


Step 2

Using the craft knife, cut a 2-inch-tall X in the circle's center. Each arm of the X should measure 1 inch.

Step 3

Slip the candle through the X.


Alternatively, use paper plates for the drip catchers.

Sparkling Drip Catchers

For festive occasions, add bling to your drip papers.


Things You'll Need

  • Cardstock or cardboard

  • Paper punch or design template and scissors

  • Craft glue

  • Sponge brush

  • Glitter

  • Hole punch

  • 24-gauge jewelry wire

  • Beads

  • Round- or chain-nose pliers

  • Flat-nose pliers

Step 1

Use the paper punch or template and scissors to cut out the bobeches. Cut a circle out of the center, matching the diameter of the candles.

Step 2

Brush one side of the paper with glue. It may be easier to spread if you dilute the glue with 1 part water to 2 parts glue.


Step 3

Cover the glue with glitter, tap off the excess and let it dry.


Use a paper or foam cereal bowl and a spoon to make glitter application neat and easy. Pour the glitter into the bowl, hold the bobeche over it, and spoon the glitter onto the glue. Tap the back to remove the excess.

Step 4

Turn the paper over and add glue and glitter to the unembellished side. Allow it to dry.

Step 5

While the glue is drying, cut the wire into 3-inch lengths. For star or flower shapes, cut one wire for each spoke or petal. For circles, squares or other shapes, you can place as many dangles as you choose, so cut one wire for each.


Step 6

Punch holes around the edges of the glittered shape, about 1/4 inch from the edge.

Step 7

Using the pliers, make a wrapped loop on one end of a wire length. String beads above the loop, leaving at least 1 inch of open wire.


Step 8

Slip the wire end through one of the holes on the drip catcher. Add one more bead, and make a spiral at the end of the wire.

Step 9

Repeat to fill all the holes you punched.



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