How to Make No-Sew Pettiskirts & Coats

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Things You'll Need

  • 6 yards of tulle fabric

  • 1/2 inch wide elastic, in a color similar to the tulle fabric

  • Scissors

  • Yard stick

  • Stapler

Tulle comes in a wide variety of colors

Lacking basic sewing skills should not deter you from fabricating a pettiskirt, sometimes referred to as a petticoat. A no-sew petticoat can transform a loose skirt into a downright glamorous poufy skirt or dress. It can also be worn on its own as a stand-alone skirt, or used as a princess or dance costume.


Step 1

Measure around the waist and cut a piece of elastic the same length as this measurement. Using a stapler, fasten the two ends together, overlapping about one inch so that the staples securely bond both ends of the elastic. This is the waistband for the no-sew petticoat/pettiskirt.

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Step 2

Lay the tulle fabric out flat on a table or on the floor, keeping it folded in half as it comes from the fabric store. Placing the fold towards you will assist in keeping the fabric under control as you cut. Using sharp scissors cut strips from the tulle fabric about six inches wide. It is not necessary to mark the fabric before cutting as long as you are somewhat careful about keeping the width of the strips approximately six inches wide. You can also use a rotary cutting tool to cut the strips, if you have one. Continue the process for the entire piece of tulle.

Step 3

Take the tulle strips and the elastic circle. Unfold one strip of tulle and tie it around the elastic band. Continue this process until all the tulle strips are onto the elastic band. Depending on the desired length of the pettiskirt, you can use scissors to cut the tulle strips down once they are on the elastic band. If you wish for the pettiskirt to be fuller, add more tulle strips.


Tulle holds its shape much better than netting and is not as picky. It is a much better choice for making the skirt.

The elastic band is somewhat visible through the tulle, so if you wish to wear the pettiskirt without a garment on top you may wish to dye the elastic to match the tulle.


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