How to Make Easy Fossils With Glue & Play-Doh

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Things You'll Need

  • Shells, leaves, twigs

  • White school glue

Use Play-Doh to create simple fossils of everyday objects.

Teaching children how nature forms fossils is sometimes easier when you can show them. Create fossil imprints with Play-Doh and make the fossil itself out of glue. This is a simple project that young kids can do and understand. Fossils from dinosaur days are a source of interest for many children, as are fossilized objects such as bones, leaves or shells. Show kids pictures on the Internet of real fossils, or go on a field trip to the science museum for more in-depth fossil learning.


Step 1

Lay some Play-Doh out on a hard surface and flatten it out a bit with the palm of your hand.

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Step 2

Press a shell, small tree branch or leaf into the Play-Doh to make an impression of the object.

Step 3

Pull the object out of the Play-Doh very gently so you won't alter the impression at all.

Step 4

Squeeze white school glue into the impression of the object, filling it up.

Step 5

Allow the glue to dry in the Play-Doh overnight.

Step 6

Pull the glue fossil out of the Play-Doh.


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