How to Tie a Rose Knot in a Sheer

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Things You'll Need

  • Valance hooks

  • Sheer valance panel

  • Clothespin or masking tape

  • 2 rubber bands

Sheer window coverings provide a bit of texture, a splash of color and a touch of style to any window. Because of the lightweight feel of sheers, they can lend themselves ideally to many different window-dressing techniques. Use a sheer panel as a valance, stretching it across the top of a window or group of windows. At each upper corner, tie a rose knot in the sheer for a simple, yet striking effect.


Step 1

Place the valance hooks in the wall above the window at the left and right corners. Use the hardware that accompanied the hooks. Because the sheers are virtually weightless, you should not need excessively sturdy screws to hold up the hooks.

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Step 2

Find the lengthwise center of the valance panel. Attach the center of the panel to the center point of the window. Use a clothespin to hold the center of the valance panel onto another curtain panel hanging on the window, if possible. If you do not have any other window treatment on the window, attach the center point of the valance panel to the window temporarily with masking tape.


Step 3

Pull the right end of the valance panel over to the valance hook in the right corner. Pull the left end of the panel over to the hook in the left corner. Loop each end of the panel temporarily over the hooks.

Step 4

Unclip or tape the valance panel from the center point of the window. Do this after placing the panel ends over the hooks. Check the valance as it hangs across the window and adjust it so it has the amount of swag you desire across the window.


Step 5

Grasp a handful of the valance panel at the right hook and place a rubber band around the fabric. Loop the rubber band around the fabric until it feels tight. Pull small amounts of fabric out of the rubber band to conceal it. As you pull the fabric out, vary the amount of fabric you pull to make it resemble a rose blossom.


Step 6

Hang the rose from the hook by the rubber band after you arrange it to your liking.

Step 7

Repeat the same process with the valance panel at the left hook.

Step 8

Step back and assess the window treatment for symmetry and style. Make any adjustments necessary to make the sheer rose knots look the way you desire.


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