Choosing Birthday Gifts for Men Turning 39

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Choosing the perfect gift for a man who is turning 39 years old can be challenging.

Sometimes, choosing a birthday gift for a man in your life can be difficult. When you are selecting a gift for a man who is turning 39, try to keep his age in mind. He is entering the last year of his 30s, so he may be up for some extreme gifts or he may wish to try some new things before he hits the milestone of his 40th birthday. Keep his likes, dislikes, personality and hobbies in mind when you select the perfect gift for his 39th birthday.


Step 1

Set a budget for your gift. The budget will help you narrow your gift options, as you may not be able to afford some of the expensive items that he might like.

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Step 2

Make a list of all of his hobbies. For example, he might be into things like golf, cooking, photography or wine. Come up with all of the hobbies and interests you can think of.


Step 3

Make a list of the gift items that go along with each hobby and that also fit within your budget. For example, for a man who enjoys golf, while you might not be able to afford an entire set of new clubs, you might be able to afford a putter.

Step 4

Make a list of things he may have told you that he always wants to do. Some men might want to take cooking lessons, whereas others might want to go skydiving. These might be things that he would like to accomplish before his 40th birthday.


Step 5

Narrow down your list to a few different gift options. Talk to your friends and family members, if they know him well, or some of his friends to get some advice on which gift might be best suited to him.



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