How to Fold a Soft Taco

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Soft tacos are popular for Tex-Mex meals.

Soft tacos are the backbone of a quick and easy Tex-Mex dinner, and proper folding keeps ingredients inside the soft tortilla. Soft tacos are made with either flour or corn tortillas that come in a variety of sizes. But no matter which type or size you choose, folding is the same. There's even a way of folding to help young children eat a soft taco without making a mess.


Step 1

Distribute taco meat evenly down the center of your tortilla.

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Step 2

Add toppings such as lettuce, tomato, beans, sour cream, salsa, guacamole and cheese. Do not overfill.

Step 3

Grasp one side of the tortilla and fold it over the meat and toppings until it reaches the opposite side of the tortilla. Place your free hand in front of the toppings to keep them from falling out while folding.

Step 4

Pick up the taco by grasping the top, place your other hand on the bottom and enjoy.


When making a soft taco for a small child, fold the tortilla up over the end of the ingredients. Follow that with a fold in the opposite direction to create a traditional taco shape.

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