How to Keep Sequin Material From Unraveling

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Things You'll Need

  • Needle for heavy-weight fabric

  • Polyester thread

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine

  • Fray stop glue

Sequins are stitched in one direction and feel like the scales of a fish.

When working with sequined fabric, it takes special care to keep the edges intact. Sew slowly as you are bound to break some needles. Sequins are either sewn or glued onto fabric backing in rows and have a tendency to fall off the edge when the fabric is cut. The backing material is usually silk or rayon with stitches and glue added to keep the sequins in place.


Step 1

Look at the base fabric that the sequins are attached to and use needles and techniques that correspond to that type of fabric. Silk and rayon are both thin but strong fabrics that can handle a heavy needle without damage. A heavy denim, number 16 needle will sew with a minimum of breakage.

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Step 2

Use a polyester thread. Pick thread with a minimum of stretch to it.

Step 3

Cut pattern pieces 1/8 inch larger than normal when creating a garment with sequined fabric. Before stitching the pattern pieces together, sew around each entire piece using a 10-to-the-inch stitch size. There is a sewing machine dial to set this stitch length.

Step 4

Lay a line of fray-stop glue along entire sequin seams. This will keep sequins from coming off the edge of the fabric.


Sequined fabrics may melt if you try to fuse anything to them.


Some fabrics and sequins will melt from contact with a hot iron.


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