How to Wrap Long-Stem Roses Like a Florist

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Greens or baby's breath flowers

  • Tissue paper

  • Cellophane

  • Ribbon

  • Card

Give a wrapped bouquet of long-stem roses to your loved one to make any day special.

Create a gorgeous Valentine's Day or birthday gift on a budget by wrapping your own bouquet of long-stem roses just like a professional. Attractively wrapped long-stem roses are gift enough alone or can accompany other gifts for any special day. Wrapped flowers are also far easier to transport than flowers in a vase when you are traveling to deliver your beautiful gift of flowers to your loved one.


Step 1

Arrange long-stem roses into a bouquet.

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Step 2

Add baby's breath flowers and greens to your bouquet for a professional look.

Step 3

Cut at least 1/3 inch from the bottom of the rose stems at an angle.


Step 4

Remove large thorns from rose stems to avoid tearing the wrapping paper or cellophane.

Step 5

Wrap long-stem rose bouquet stems tightly together with a rubber band. Rubber band should be wrapped several times around stems to hold very firmly.


Step 6

Fold two to three sheets of tissue paper in half long ways with the corners slightly askew so they do not meet perfectly when folded.

Step 7

Lay bouquet on top of tissue paper with flowers pointing slightly diagonally toward one corner. The rubber band should be just below the tissue paper with the flowers peeking out over the top edge of the paper.


Step 8

Fold one edge of the tissue paper up over the flowers.

Step 9

Fold the other edge up and over the first folded tissue paper and secure with a staple of piece of clear tape.

Step 10

Measure a piece of cellophane long enough to wrap around the bouquet at least twice.


Step 11

Lay the tissue paper-wrapped bouquet on top of the cellophane near one short edge, again at a slight angle toward one corner with the flowers protruding over the top edge of the cellophane. Leave stems wrapped or unwrapped.

Step 12

Roll the bouquet toward the other short edge, holding the cellophane in place so it wraps around the bouquet at least twice.


Step 13

Secure cellophane with a ribbon or a rubber band covered by a ribbon and tie into a bow.

Step 14

Tuck a card or other decoration into the ribbon before presenting to your loved one.


Wrap bottom of stems in a wet paper towel if wrapping with cellophane to prolong the life of the flowers.


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