How to Make a DIY Minion Costume

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Little minion ready to go.

Halloween is a holiday that brings out the kid in all of us. Dressing up and pretending to be a favorite character is something that kids and even many adults look forward to all year. Minions are popular characters first seen in the animated movie ​Despicable Me​ and ​Despicable Me 2.​ Later, the characters starred in their own movie called ​Minions​ and the sequel ​Minions: The Rise of Gru​.


When it comes to DIY Halloween costume ideas, you not only want an option that you or your child will love but also one that is simple to put together without breaking the bank. An adult minion costume is a great option for your next Halloween party, or you can make minion Halloween costumes for your kids to wear for trick-or-treating.


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Minion costumes are easy to assemble with this DIY project tutorial, so you don't need to search stores or find one to purchase online on sites like Amazon or Etsy. There are so many variations that you can easily find some costume ideas that fit your personality.

Gather the DIY minion costume supplies

Recycle a pair of overalls from your closet or a thrift store and find a yellow shirt or sweatshirt in bright yellow. You may want to wear a T-shirt underneath for comfort. You will also need:


  • Pair of black gloves
  • Bright yellow fleece
  • Gray felt, black fabric
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Spray adhesive
  • Two canning rings
  • Black elastic
  • 8-inch Styrofoam half circle

Additionally, you will need some freezer paper and a small piece of fusible web.


Create the minion logo patch

Draw the logo with a pencil onto freezer paper. Iron this pattern onto a piece of black fabric. Press the fabric onto a piece of fusible web. Cut away the fabric to reveal the logo. Press the logo cutout onto a piece of gray felt to make a patch. Sew the patch onto the bib of the overalls.



Make the minion goggles

No minion is complete without a big pair of goggles. Spray a piece of gray felt with adhesive and attach two canning rings side by side. When the adhesive dries, cut out the rings, leaving a tab on each side. Cut a piece of black elastic and attach it to each tab, making the strap for the goggles.


Make the headpiece

Cut a piece of yellow fleece about 13 inches by 18 inches. Fold it in half with the stretch going side to side and sew a 1/2-inch seam, creating a tube. Lay the tube with the seam open and in the center. Draw and trim out a half circle at the top of the tube. Sew a small seam around this top.


Fit the dome

Turn the tube right side out. Spray adhesive on the top of the Styrofoam half circle and pull the tube down tightly over the dome of the Styrofoam. Work the fabric down, fitting it tightly to the Styrofoam, and add adhesive to the sides as you work down.



Finish the headpiece

Fold up the extra fabric to form a band. Poke holes in the Styrofoam and insert pieces of black pipe cleaners to form the hair in the pattern and amount of your choosing. Look to various minion characters for inspiration. Tape or glue the pipe cleaners in place from the inside.

Complete the minion costume

Lay out the homemade costume and make sure you have everything ready. Add some yellow face makeup for a realistic-looking minion. Store all items together to be ready for Halloween.



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