How to Make a Yellow Brick Road Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 sheets 30-by-40-inch foam poster board

  • Yellow spray paint

  • Staple gun with staples

  • Black permanent marker

  • Spray glue

  • Gold glitter

  • Yellow ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Hot-glue gun with hot-glue sticks

  • Yellow pants

  • Yellow long-sleeved shirt

  • Yellow hat

  • Yellow face paint

  • Yellow socks

  • Yellow shoes

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Make your own yellow brick road reminiscent of the path traveled by Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man on "The Wizard of Oz." While Halloween costumes in the theme of this movie tend to stick with the speaking characters, this costume brings to life an element that is not represented as often -- the yellow brick road. By making this yellow brick road costume at home you can save a lot of money and have an ensemble that will set you apart from the trick-or-treating crowd.


Paint Poster Boards for Your Brick Costume

Take two sheets of foam poster board outdoors onto a grassy or gravel-covered space. Spray paint one side of the boards with yellow spray paint. Let the paint dry and flip the poster boards over to spray paint the other side yellow. Let dry completely.

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Staple the Tops of the Boards

Line up the two poster boards together so the ends are flush with each other. Staple the boards together at each end of one of the shorter sides.

Pull the foam poster boards over your head so the staples rest on your shoulders and you have a board on the front and back sides of your body. Identify the width of your head as it corresponds with the top of the poster boards and staple the boards at each side of your head.


Make Room for Your Head

Remove the boards from your body. Staple the boards together between the top corners, where you first stapled the boards, but leave the space where your head will go unstapled.

Draw the Vertical Lines

Lay the stacked boards on a flat surface with the stapled side at the top. Draw vertical lines spaced 3 inches apart with a black permanent marker along both sheets of poster board on the sides facing outward.


Start the Horizontal Lines

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Begin with one column of space between two vertical lines and draw a horizontal line connecting the two vertical lines near the top of the space. Go downward 6 inches and draw a second horizontal line. Continue drawing horizontal lines down the column every 6 inches.


Stagger the Horizontals

Move over to the column next to the first one. Stagger the first horizontal line in this space 2 inches below the first horizontal line of the first column. Continue adding horizontal lines down the column every 6 inches. Repeat this process with the remaining columns on this side of the poster board. Flip the boards over and add the horizontal lines in the same manner.



Add Some Glitz

Apply spray glue over the lined surface on one sheet of the poster board. Sprinkle gold glitter in a thin layer over the glue. Shake the excess glitter off the board and flip to the poster board stapled on the back. Spray glue over this surface and apply glitter in the same way as you did with the first poster board.


Cut and Attach the Ribbons

Cut four 18-inch pieces of yellow ribbon. Attach the pieces of ribbon to the long sides of the poster boards using hot glue, in the middle of the sides along the edge of the boards; when you hold the stapled boards up, there will be two ribbons on each side.


Wear Yellow Stuff

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Wear yellow pants and a long-sleeve yellow shirt. Place a yellow hat on your head. Cover your face with yellow face paint. Wear yellow socks and shoes to complement your yellow brick road outfit.

Secure the Road in Place

Pull the stapled boards back over your head and tie the ribbons together on each side to hold the costume in place.


You can purchase yellow foam poster board instead of spray painting white foam poster board for your yellow brick road costume, if you can find it sold in stores.



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