How to Create an Austin Powers Costume

How to Create an Austin Powers Costume. Look absolutely smashing for your next costume party or Halloween shindig. Yeah, baby, yeah!

Things You'll Need

  • Austin Powers Costumes

  • White Briefs

  • Curling Irons


Smile and wink a lot. Work into your vocabulary words like "randy," "groovy," "smashing" and "baby." Concentrate on finding your next shag. Convince your girlfriend to dress as Felicity Shagwell or a fembot (see Related eHows and Related Items). Keep asking her, "Do I make you horny, baby?"


If your local shops aren't groovy enough for your Austin Powers style, that's a drag, baby, but there's no reason to get uptight. There are plenty of shagadelic costumes and accessories right there under the Things You'll Need list, so just relax, order early and have a good time.