How to Cut Plastic Drink Bottles to Make Wind Chimes

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Things You'll Need

  • 2-liter plastic drink bottle

  • Ruler

  • Permanent marker

  • Scissors

  • Hole punch

  • Nail

  • Hammer

  • Squeezable puffy paint

  • Fishing line

  • Metal beads, bells or metal washers

Reuse your plastic drink bottles for fun crafting activities.

In the interest of reusing household trash, give your recycling refuse a second look with art projects in mind. Many people appreciate listening to a wind chime tinkling in the breeze. A homemade wind chime might be even more enjoyable, especially when you make one using recyclable materials. Cut plastic drink bottles to make wind chimes, using assorted embellishments to hang from the drink bottles that will create gentle sounds when the wind hits them.


Step 1

Hold the plastic drink bottle right side up and measure about 6 inches down from the top all the way around the bottle. Draw a line at this point with the permanent marker.

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Step 2

Position the tip of the scissors blade on the line and push the blade into the plastic to begin cutting. Cut along the line with the scissors. Set the bottom portion of the drink bottle aside for another purpose or recycle it.


Step 3

Punch holes about 1 inch above the cut edge of the drink bottle with the hole punch. Make four holes, spacing them an equal distance apart along the edge of the bottle.

Step 4

Make three dots for holes near the neck of the bottle with the permanent marker. Space the dots an equal distance apart around the neck of the bottle. Tap a nail into the drink bottle with the hammer at the three dots to make holes for hanging the wind chime.


Step 5

Decorate the plastic bottle using the squeezable puffy paint. Make any pattern or design on the plastic that you desire and then allow the paint to dry completely before continuing.

Step 6

Cut three 20-inch lengths of fishing line and string one length through each of the upper holes. Tie the ends of each length of fishing line together in a tight double knot. Bring them together and tie them an overhand knot about 2 inches from the ends--this makes a loop for hanging the wind chime.


Step 7

Cut four 14-inch lengths of fishing line, and string one length through each of the bottom holes. Tie one end of the fishing line in a knot around the plastic to secure the length.

Step 8

String the metal beads, bells or metal washers onto the lengths of fishing line. Add as many embellishments as you desire to the lengths of fishing line and then knot the fishing line securely around the ending piece to secure the items.

Step 9

Hang the wind chime in a place where the wind will blow the chimes.


Handle the scissors carefully as you cut the bottle to avoid injury.



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