How to Make Halloween Ghost Holding Hands in a Circle

Things You'll Need

  • 6 1-inch diameter PVC pipes

  • 6 1-foot lengths of rebar

  • Small, white garbage bags

  • Newspaper

  • Black permanent marker

  • Fishing line

  • Masking tape

You can make your own ghoulish yard display of dancing ghosts.

Halloween is the perfect holiday to display decorations in your yard that will enchant -- and perhaps frighten -- trick-or-treaters. You don't have to spend a fortune on big, inflatable Halloween decorations, you can make a bold statement and save money with a homemade yard display that showcases your creativity. Old white sheets, newspaper and plastic supports are the three main supplies you will need to make a festive collection of Halloween ghosts holding hands and dancing together with abandon.

Step 1

Locate a space in your yard that will accommodate a ring of six ghosts. Depending on the size of your ghosts, the ring's size will vary. This outdoor Halloween decoration looks especially spooky when the ghosts encircle a tree or flagpole.

Step 2

Determine the height of your ghosts. A ring of short ghosts approximately 2-feet tall creates a cute and friendly decoration. Taller ghosts of 4- or 5-feet result in a spookier, more menacing circle. Once you have decided on your ghosts' heights, cut the PVC pipe to that measurement. The pipes serve as the ghosts' structural supports.

Step 3

Make the ghosts' heads by stuffing crumpled up newspaper into a small garbage bag or plastic grocery sack. Insert each head onto a support and wrap masking tape at the ghosts' necks to secure the heads to the supports. Repeat for all six ghosts.

Step 4

Drape a sheet, or part of a sheet, over the head of each ghost. Ghosts that are 4-feet tall or taller will require one queen or king-size sheet each. Cut larger sheets in half or use twin-size sheets for shorter ghosts. Gather the sheets at the ghosts' necks and tie them with fishing line. Allow the rest of the sheet to hang loose.

Step 5

Use permanent marker to draw a spooky or playful faces on the ghosts' heads. The ghosts' expressions help determine whether this outdoor decoration is scary or fun.

Step 6

Insert the structural supports in an evenly spaced circle. Start with two ghosts positioned directly across from each other. Then, insert the four remaining supports into the ground so that each ghost is equidistant from its neighbor. Hammer a 1-foot length of rebar into the ground to stabilize the support for each ghost. Cover the rebar with the PVC pipe. Angle the ghosts to lean slightly backwards as if centrifugal force is pulling them apart.

Step 7

Tie the ends of the sheets together between the ghosts to create the illusion that they are holding hands in a circle.


Once you have placed your ghosts in the ground, round the bottom of the sheets with scissors to create a more uniform, ghostly appearance.