How to Back Stitch on a Singer Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Sewing thread

  • Fabric

While the Singer brand is generally less expensive than top-of-the-line brands, the Singer website reports that the quality is not much different. Singer offers different capabilities than other sewing brands, and offer different spending levels. At the time of publication, according to the Singer website, a very basic sewing machine that does only a few stitches will cost you fewer than $100, while a sewing and embroidery combination machine can cost you up to $1000. All of the Singer sewing machines offer the basic sewing stitching like straight or zigzag stitch, and back-stitch option. Using the back-stitch in Singer is very easy, and is done just like other sewing machine brands.


Step 1

Press the reverse button, which is the button that looks like a "U" with an arrow attached to it. Most Singer machines have this button on the face of the sewing machine; it's referred to as the "back-stitch" button. Refer to your manual for a diagram if you are unsure where the button is located on your machine, as some models may be different. Your manual will have a diagram of every part on your sewing machine.


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Step 2

Hold onto your fabric as the sewing machine back-stitches, to keep the fabric straight. Your sewing machine will start to stitch backward several inches until you manually stop it.

Step 3

Take your foot off the foot pedal. Your sewing machine will stop back-stitching. Press the back-stitch button once more. Your sewing machine will return to normal stitching.


If you press the wrong button, you can turn off the sewing machine, and turn it back on to reset the sewing machine.


Do not back-stitch off of the fabric into the thread plate or you could cause a birds nest under the fabric.



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