How to Tell the Right Side of Fleece Fabric

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Fashion pajamas, outerwear, blankets and even stuffed animals from the soft and warm knit fabric fleece. When sewing with any fabric it is important to determine the right and the wrong side of the fabric so you can construct the item with the more durable right side facing out so the item lasts longer. Most fabrics have a fairly obvious right and wrong side with the right side more vibrant than the wrong side, but the right and wrong side of fleece can be hard to tell apart. Fortunately there is a quick and simple way to tell the right from the wrong side of this cozy fabric.


Step 1

Locate one of the cut edges of the fleece. Fleece, like all fabrics, has two selvage edges and two cut edges. The selvage edges are tighter knit than the rest of the fabric.

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Step 2

Pinch the cut edge between your thumb and index finger with your hands shoulder width's apart.


Step 3

Stretch the cut edge by pulling it to the left with your left hand and right with your right hand. Mark the side of the fabric that the edge curls towards to denote the wrong side of the fabric.

Step 4

Continue to mark the wrong side of the fleece fabric with small chalk marks as you cut pattern pieces so you can keep the wrong and right side of the fleece straight.