How to Make a Headpiece for a Toga

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Things You'll Need

  • 12 inches covered wire

  • Wire cutters

  • 1 sheet green tissue paper

  • Scotch tape

  • 20 to 25 real or faux laurel leaves

The headpiece for a toga has a traditional name; it's known as the laurel wreath. Laurel wreathes are a semi-crown made with a specific type of leaf that comes from the laurel tree. This type of crown was worn in ancient Greek times as a symbol of achievement and status. Citizens who graduated with bachelor's degrees were known as baccalaureates and were presented the wreath to mark their position. Athletes who were victorious at the Delphi Pythian games were presented with laurel wreaths as well. Making your own laurel wreath to accompany a toga is a simple process involving materials that can be purchased at your local craft store.


Step 1

Gently wrap the wire in a semi-circle from the back of your head to the front. This is the base of your wreath and needs to be snug enough to stay on the crown of your head without slipping, but should not be tight.

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Step 2

Cut both ends of the wire to shorten them so they reach no further than your temple when the wreath is worn. Bend the rough ends of the wire inward in a u-shape so they don't poke you when you're wearing the wreath.

Step 3

Wrap the entire length of the wire, including the bent ends, with tissue paper. Do this by tearing strips of the tissue paper off the sheet and wrapping them around the wire. The amount of tissue paper you use is up to you. Secure the ends of the tissue paper to the wire with scotch tape.


Step 4

Start at one end of the wreath and tape the stems of the laurel leaves to it, one leaf at a time. Place the leaves as closely together as possible; it's okay if they slightly overlap. Note the direction the point of your leaves are facing. When you reach the halfway point of your wreath, start taping the leaves to it so they face the opposite direction.

Step 5

Place the finished wreath on your head with the open ends facing forward toward your forehead.


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