Slow Responses for Family Reunion: How Do I Write a Reminder to Family?

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Things You'll Need

  • Postcards (one for each invitee)

  • Postcard stamps

Gather the family together for a family reunion.

A family reunion can require extensive planning and preparation, depending on the style and theme of your gathering. Once you choose a date and location and send out the invitations, you may cross your fingers for the RSVPs to begin pouring in. If you see slow responses for a family reunion, counter this lack of enthusiasm by sending out reminders to your family members. Reminder cards can help get everyone motivated to attend the family reunion.


Step 1

Choose simple postcards that coordinate with your family reunion theme. For example, if you are hosting a beach weekend, use postcards with a beach scene on the front. If you are hosting a backyard barbecue, use postcards with a grill and backyard games.

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Step 2

Write, "Don't Forget the Miller Family Reunion!" at the top of the message area of the postcard.

Step 3

State some of the activities that you have planned for the reunion. For example, you might write, "Bring a sleeping bag and pillow and arrive early on June 7 to set up camp. Hang out all weekend and swim, play softball and volleyball, go hiking, fish, go on a scavenger hunt and roast marshmallows over a campfire."


Step 4

Mention the local weather and what weather conditions should be like. Give suggestions for what to wear and how to dress, if you desire. For example, you might write, "The weather promises to be warm -- T-shirts and shorts should keep you comfortable!"

Step 5

Include special instructions, if necessary. For example, if you want people to bring any special family memorabilia such as photographs, remind them about this in the reminder. For example, you might write, "Don't forget your old family photographs!"


Step 6

Finish the reminder with another request for RSVPs. You might write, "If you haven't responded yet, please do so we know if you're coming." Give your contact information. Write, "Hope to see you soon!"

Step 7

Address a postcard to each invitee you already invited and send the reminders out between two and four weeks before the reunion.


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