How to Make a Fake Spider Web

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Things You'll Need

  • Mini hot glue gun

  • Mini hot glue sticks

  • Polyethylene cutting board

  • Ruler

You can make a fake spider web with hot glue.

A quick and uncomplicated fake spider web can be made with hot glue. The glue cools and hardens quickly, so the web can be created in just a few minutes. These are perfect to tuck into Halloween centerpieces and hang from mirrors. The fake spider web could also serve as a Halloween surprise in a child's lunch box. Children over the age of 8 will love to make these fake spider webs for their friends.


Step 1

Plug in the hot glue gun. When the glue is hot and flows smoothly, press the gun's trigger to make a 4-inch-long line of glue on the cutting board.

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Step 2

Intersect the first line with another 4-inch-long glue line, making an "X."


Step 3

Add two more intersecting lines, evenly spaced, with the glue gun.

Step 4

Add rows of curved lines of glue between the intersecting lines, making sure all lines connect.

Step 5

Let the glue cool for five minutes. Carefully peel the completed fake spider web off the cutting board.


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