How to Float Red Roses in Water Centerpieces

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Things You'll Need

  • Glass bowl

  • Sharp knife

  • Decorative rocks

  • Clear water crystals

Choose rose buds that are slightly open to help them float.

Rose centerpieces work well for special occasions such as weddings or for everyday use. Centerpieces with floating roses add a special touch and can be done with any color rose including red. Several methods can be used to float roses in a water-filled centerpiece. Choose roses that are just starting to open so they are fresh but the petals are wide enough to float on the water. Use a clear glass bowl or other container to create the centerpieces. Accent centerpieces with rocks or shells in the bottom or choose a wide bowl and place several roses and floating candles inside.


Step 1

Cut the stem of the red rose with a sharp knife so it is 1 inch long. Cut it at an angle to allow the rose to draw water up the stem. Don't cut the entire stem off. Fill the glass bowl half full of water and set the rose in the center. This method works for roses that are open slightly because they float better than tight buds.


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Step 2

Fill a rose bowl half full of water and lay decorative stones on the bottom. Cut the stem of the rose so it is long enough to reach the stones in the bottom. Set the rose in the water and use the stones to support the rose's stem and keep it upright in the water. This method works well for rose buds that are tightly closed and won't float upright.


Step 3

Pour water over water crystals and let the crystals absorb as much water as possible. Drain off any excess water. Set the roses in the now gelatinous crystals so they give the appearance of floating in water. This method works well with roses that refuse to float. It is also easier to control where the roses sit.


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