DIY Laminate Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Wax paper

  • Item to be laminated

  • Iron

  • Scissors

  • Clear contact paper

Skip expensive laminating machines and specialty paper. Save time, money and effort by laminating with budget-friendly products that you either have in your home or pick up at the local discount store. Laminating provides a protective cover for the items inside the sheets. Laminate photos, important documents or the craft projects your kids make for you.

Waxed Paper

Step 1

Select the item you want to laminate.

Step 2

Lay the item between two sheets of waxed paper, waxed sides facing each other. Make sure the waxed paper is larger than you want the final size to be.

Step 3

Preheat a clothes iron to the "Cotton" setting.

Step 4

Iron the the two sheets of waxed paper together. Avoid ironing over the object being laminated, particularly if it's a photograph. Iron around it, not over the top of it.

Step 5

Allow the waxed paper to cool completely and cut the edges to size with a pair of scissors.

Contact Paper

Step 1

Cut two pieces of clear contact paper larger than the final size you want the laminate to be.

Step 2

Lay one piece of clear contact paper on the table, paper side up. Slowly peel off the protective paper to reveal the sticky surface.

Step 3

Center the item you want laminated on the contact paper and press it firmly into position.

Step 4

Pull back a few inches of protective paper from the second sheet of clear contact paper. Line the exposed sticky edge up with one edge of the first sheet. Slowly pull the protective paper away, smoothing the two pieces of clear contact paper together. Trim to size with scissors.


Check out your local office supply store for pre-cut clear contact paper designed for self laminating.